Posted by: Union on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dining for Dollars

Dining out can be a great way to kick off the weekend, catch up with friends or celebrate special occasions. But it doesn't have to break your budget, especially if you know the best tricks for saving at restaurants.

Posted by: Union on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Late Night Snacks That Won't Give You Nightmares

Late night snacking isn't ideal, especially if you're watching your waistline. However, it's still a good idea not to go to bed hungry. According to the Sleep Medicine Center in Pittsburgh, low blood sugar before bed can prevent you from getting to sleep quickly and make it difficult to wake feeling your best.


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6 Booking Secrets for Travelers

You can start saving money before you go anywhere with these six quick travel booking tips:

Don't immediately book airfare online—call the airlines directly and compare from there. Phone agents often get access to deals not posted on the web—and even if there is a service fee, it may still save you in the long run.