The Union team

Union’s team is comprised of smart, driven industry experts who have dedicated their professional lives to finances, lending and real estate. We care about building long lasting relationships, and we do it one financing deal at a time. Our people are the primary reason why we’re considered a premier mortgage lender in Miami.

Sergio Aleaga

Founder and Principal

Sergio Aleaga is the founder and principal of Union Mortgage Investment Group, which he established in 2001 and has grown to three full-service locations throughout the Miami area.

Sergio began his financial lending career at Flagler Federal Savings & Loans, quickly advancing to become the bank’s corporate officer. Over the years, he’s led teams at First Union, American Savings Bank and the Keyes company, and is credited with pioneering the all-inclusive property search, loans and title solution in South Florida--a one-stop shop for all major realty needs. Along his professional journey, Sergio has gained vast experience in mortgage financing and a deep understanding of its principles, which he insightfully brings to buyers and realtors alike.

Sergio graduated from Pontifica Universidad Católica del Ecuador with a degree in language arts. He then pursued his passion for aviation, where he excelled in avionics, meteorology and mechanics, ultimately receiving his commercial pilot license. He is an advocate for precision and systems. In anything and everything, Sergio emphasizes one core principle: performance. He built Union around a compensation program that values speed and efficiency rather than sales and profits. He advocates self-mastery from his team and offers very little latitude for operational inefficiencies. The result is a highly satisfied client—always treated remarkably well and served with the very best his team has to offer—regardless of the size of the deal.

Sergio is a history lover and an avid fan of high-performance vehicles. He’s happily married and a proud father to two daughters and a son.

Sonya Sanchez

Loan Officer

Sonya began her professional career in the shipping and logistics industry, working her way to division supervisor for major national and international cargo shipments. Upon her family's relocation to Texas, she turned her attention to real estate. As a new realtor, she was honored with a “rookie of the year” title. Three years later, she returned to Miami, where she then persued the career of a loan officer--a role in which she is very passionate about and has excelled greatly with Union.

Sonya focuses all her effort in earning a client's trust, as well as quickly and accurately answering their top three questions: How much do I qualify for? What are my payments? Can I trust the pre-approval? In Sonya’s own words, “Being part of someone’s dream is what drives me everyday.” It’s this personal desire to help her clients enjoy the purchase of their property that enables her to deliver that WOW factor time and again. Over the years, this personal touch has made clients' friends and referrals her number one source of business. She is a proactive loan officer, diligently making sure that her client and the realtor are well informed and always keeping the buyers' satisfaction top of mind.

Sonya is fluent in English, Slovak, and Czech, and also understands Spanish. She has lived in Miami since 1997.

Johanna Villafane


Johanna Villafane is the Accountant for Union. She received her diploma in Banking from the University of Valle and also attended Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Cali, Colombia to specialize in Banking Security, Graphology, and Dactylography. She is fluent in Spanish and understands English.

Johanna has been in the Finance Industry for 14 years. 

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