Mortgage programs available in the South Florida area

In mortgage lending one size does not fit all, so forget about gimmicky online prequalification applications—they’ll only mislead you. From the very start, our team works with buyers one-on-one, providing honest, thorough information that you can bank on. If your current lending experience is less than satisfactory, give us a call. We’ll help you take advantage of some of the best mortgage loans in the Miami area.

Mortgage loans available to buyers in Miami and surrounding areas:

Commercial Real Estate Loans
While residential loans are made to individual buyers, commercial loans are usually made to businesses. Bring your buyers, and we’ll help you find the ideal loan program for them.

Condo Loans
It’s no surprise that Miami’s condo market is hot, but did you know that buying a condo is not as simple as just having the funds to purchase it? Union Mortgage can help you save time and money by understanding the opportunities and challenges related to condo purchases.

Construction Loans
Construction mortgage loans are different than traditional loans, and many require minimal cash down to close. We can help with rate lock options and even provisions for re-locking at new lower rates.

FHA Loans
Like VA loans, FHA loans are usually easier to qualify for and require minimal to no down payment. There are various types of FHA loans; we can help you find the ideal loan program for your buyer.

Foreign Nationals
Foreign nationals have unique opportunities and risks when it comes to purchasing a property. From educating you on tax liabilities to condo rules and government regulations, we can help you guide your foreign buyer to make the right investment decision.

Jumbo Loans
Jumbo loans by nature exceed the conforming loan limits set by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight. As such, these loans are not secured by Fannie Mae or FreddieMac. No worries, we’re here to help with the details.

VA Loans
VA loans are specially designed to help service personnel and veterans buy their dream home. VA Loans are generally easier to qualify for; they often don’t require money down.

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