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With offices in three locations in the Miami area, we’re ready to help you own your dream property anywhere in South Florida. Whether you are buying an investment condo in Miami Beach, your first home in Coral Gables or commercial space in the Doral area, Union Mortgage will keep you from wasting time and money by pre-qualifying you for the best available loan.

Regardless of whom you choose to help you and what type of property you are buying, here is a simple list on how to choose a mortgage lender in Miami:

  1. Pay attention to how a lender responds to your call. A good lender will be knowledgeable, responsive and willing to educate you.
  2. Decide if you want to work with a large or small lender. If you prefer personal service and face-to-face contact, smaller is better, but too small may have a limited pool of loan options.
  3. Determine what matters most to you: APR, interest rate, monthly payments, closing fees, customer service or available loan programs.
  4. Check out a lender’s reputation and how long it’s been in business. Look for testimonials, promises and guarantees.
  5. Be sure the lender honors its pre-qualification.

Contrary to popular understanding, the buying process doesn’t start when you begin your search. Getting pre-qualified is important for all parties involved—buyers, sellers, realtors and lenders. A good pre-qualification process offers the certainty you need and sellers want. Get pre-qualified. Fill the form bellow.

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