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5 Tips for Longer Smartphone Battery Life

5 Tips for Longer Smartphone Battery Life


Smartphone batteries don't last forever, but you can do a lot to maintain batteries for peak performance. Here are five tips for maximizing lifespan and usability:

Keep it cool. High temperatures can degrade batteries fast. Don't leave devices in direct sunlight or in a car on hot days. Draw the heat out of electronics quickly by setting them on a granite countertop or other cool surface.

Dim the brightness. The difference in battery life between the highest and lowest brightness settings can be a matter of hours. You can do it manually, or use an app like Tasker for Android or Workflow for iPhone, which can monitor and adjust settings automatically.

Use battery saving apps. "Task killer" apps can actually shorten battery life. But apps, like Greenify orCarat for Android, can hibernate other power-hogging apps for you. Battery Manager Pro and Battery Maxerfor iPhone monitor battery stats and other apps to help you discover what's using the most power.

"Shallow" charge more often. In the old days, completely discharging your battery before a recharge made it last. Today, it's frequent "shallow" charging that extends lifespan. And don't worry about leaving your phone plugged in overnight; today's phones stop charging once the battery is full.

Make it snappy. If you do run out of power, you can charge up faster by leaving the phone off or in "airplane mode," preventing the phone from using battery-draining functions like searching for Wi-Fi hotspots or Bluetooth devices.

Source: Lifehacker

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