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3 Tips For Instant Productivity

3 Tips For Instant Productivity
Busy, successful people from all walks of life know that defending their time is no easy task—and you've got to have your own back when it comes to your priorities. Here are three unusual, instantly effective methods that keep bright minds laser-focused:
  1. Limit your wardrobe—Variety may be the spice of life, but it's terrible for productivity. That's why CEOs from the late Steve Jobs to Amazon's Jeff Bezos took to wearing the same outfit every day. Some even eat the same meals, week after week.
  2. Save it for later—Interesting articles, videos, blog posts and bright-shiny-objects found on the web can make time evaporate like water in the Sahara. But these accidental discoveries can lead to big work breakthroughs later on. Instead of clicking on everything all the time, save your discoveries to programs like Evernote or Instapaper, and then read later on any digital device.
  3. Stop your notifications—Fast Company reports that PR firm Bateman Group's CEO Fred Bateman says, "To stay 'in the zone' and increase productivity in today's digital age, I strongly recommend blocking all audio and visual notifications from Outlook, Facebook and Twitter. I think all notifications are evil because they typically have both audio and visual distraction triggers, which can wreak havoc on your concentration." Bateman says this extends to his smartphone, which is always set to vibrate, and has all email, app and social media notifications turned off.
Sources: Vanity Fair, Fast Company
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