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6 Ways to Supercharge One-on-one Meetings

6 Ways to Supercharge One-on-one Meetings

One-on-one meetings are a powerful way to develop new referral partnerships, cement client relationships and brainstorm new directions. If you want to amp up your next face-to-face, keep these tips in mind:

Bring a mental list, not an agenda: Agendas are for group meetings, not one-on-ones. Prepare in advance by narrowing down three topics you'd like to cover and let the conversation flow naturally from there.

Create discussion: One-on-ones should be a discussion—even performance reviews. If one person grandstands, the other party stops listening and the time is wasted. Millennials in particular want to be heard.

Make eye contact: Not looking at your counterpart could be perceived in one of three ways: you lack confidence, you're insincere, or you're a bully with an agenda. Whichever way, you gain by maintaining regular eye contact.

Don't interrupt: Dominating a conversation is another bullying tactic. So energize the conversation and help stimulate ideas by doing lots of listening. A great idea may be waiting to jump to the surface—don't sabotage it with relentless opining.

Watch your body language: Avoid unsettling cues. Leaning back in your chair, inadvertently smirking or crossing your arms when someone is talking can be dangerous to your professional relationships.

Be determined to learn something new: Make every conversation a learning experience and almost every conversation you have will yield a harvest of great ideas.
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