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How to Stick to Your Workout Resolution

How to Stick to Your Workout Resolution

Every new year finds abundant advice on how to exercise. These six tips will help you build your resolve and achieve your fitness goals.

Do what you enjoy. Life is too short to do exercises you hate. If you despise the gym, try walking or working out at home or outside. And if you're sick of your exercise routine, change it up.

Plan workouts in advance, for example, at the start of each month. Cross them off as you complete each one and post the results where you can look at them daily. Fitness apps and wearable trackers can help. You're more likely to work out if you can see actual progress.

Join a fitness forum or online message group for your favorite type of workout. Sharing inspiration and motivation with other people, even if they're perfect strangers, will help keep you motivated and accountable.

Train and compete for a sport or annual event that you enjoy. The competitive motivation will add dimension to each workout.

Get a checkup and tie workouts to your health levels. If your blood pressure or cholesterol is high, set a goal or baseline to get them down. Decreasing your risk of disease is a great motivator.

Find training partners who will hold you accountable. Close friends and family members may not be ideal if they won't be tough with you. Find new, less forgiving workout partners when you feel a need to achieve.

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