Looking for a home loan in Miami? Five factors to consider before you start:

  1. Prepare yourself: 3 months before looking at properties have a mortgage professional review your financial situation including credit, income, employment & assets.
  2. Set up a budget: By understanding your finances, you’ll make wiser decisions when it comes to smart loan options—saving you time and trouble.
  3. Learn how credit works: Consumer education is integral to the home-buying process. Like families, not all loans are the same—there are a wide variety of loan options and finding the right match to your needs is as important as choosing your home.
  4. Ask a lot of questions: Your lender should make you feel comfortable and be open with insightful guidance. If you’re not getting straight answers, walk away.
  5. Pick the right vendor: Banks have specific programs they promote, mortgage companies differ in experience and loan options, and closing costs vary from one organization to another. Do your homework before choosing your home loan.